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“Such a fantastic book.”

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“Received my book at the weekend, my mum loves it!
The pictures are fascinating and an real eye-opener
to those who have not witnessed this first hand.”

"I just received the book today, I'm so so happy to have it!!
great photos, wonderful job from COP Team and you Sean.
Thank you a lot for this "present".

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"Thank you for the books Sean.
Well worth it - so much information to pass on.
Giving one to the School Library for Christmas.
Get those little heads aware, involved, active!"

"I got the Ape Crusaders today.  A true depiction of the problem of man's
incomprehension of the other.  Contrasted with the compassion
of Hardi and his crew. Great job!"

I received my books in the mail yesterday.
"A wonderful book.  Gorgeous illustrations and an eye opener
regarding the fragility of these beautiful apes." 

"Just want to say Sean, your book is amazing, how those orangutan live through
that cruelty astonishes me. You show the true aspect of human cruelty towards
this wonderful individuals and how there are some people left on the earth that are c
ompassionate, thank you for this insight."

The Ape Crusaders book by Sean Whyte


By Sean Whyte


Many people will know the orangutan is an endangered species, but not necessarily realise that this endearing and familiar animal will possibly become the first of the remaining four great apes to become extinct in our lifetime. A rapidly growing number of people are now becoming aware of the Ape Crusaders and the extraordinary lengths to which they go to save orangutans.

Exclusively because of logging, in recent years largely driven by oil palm production, orangutan numbers are falling so fast it is estimated they will be wiped out within twenty years. Some orangutans may remain in Malaysia, but across the border in Indonesia there seems little hope.
What hope there is increasingly depends on a small, very pro-active group: The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP).

In fewer than four years COP’s Ape Crusader team has saved thousands of hectares of forest and rescued dozens of orangutans over an area close to 500,000 square kms. Their 4 x wheel drive Ape Crusader truck donated by British charity Orangutan Appeal UK is in constant use, day and night, 365 days a year, taking the COP Rapid Response Team to far away locations where orangutans need rescuing from forests being logged. The work of COP is always difficult and frequently dangerous.

The Ape Crusaders is a pioneering book based on first-hand experience. It takes the reader on a tumultuous photographic journey throughout Borneo showing for the first time the highs and lows of frontline orangutan conservation in action. Lavishly illustrated with some 175 photos by both the author and the Centre for Orangutan Protection.

The Author:  Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading campaigners on behalf of orangutan protection, Sean Whyte has visited Indonesia some 20 times, gaining an unparalleled knowledge of the broad spectrum of issues faced by those who devote their lives to the conservation of this most enigmatic yet increasingly endangered species. Putting his experience to use he has published reports on orangutans, is a prolific contributor to Indonesian as well as Malaysian newspaper reports and campaigns relentlessly to save this highly endangered ‘Man of the Forest’.  

Format: Hardback, 144 pages, 230x214mm, illustrated in colour throughout with some 175 colour photographs.

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